Dark Teal Reichsgraf Riesling Etched Wine Bottle Vase

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Beautiful unique contemporary sandblast etched wine bottle vase. Approximate measurements:

• 3 inches wide 
• 8.25 inches tall

We use post consumer wine bottles sourced from a generous local wine bar in Greenville County, SC. The bottle for this vase is a tall, thin, Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt vineyard German Reisling wine bottle with a unique dark teal color. 

The process used to create these bottles is as follows:

• Remove label, adhesive from bottle
• Cut angled top off bottle with tile saw and gently flatten cut surface with abrasive
• Apply flexible 3d printed one-of-a-kind in-house design masks to bottle with adhesive
• Abrasive etch all exterior unmasked areas
• Remove mask, adhesive and thoroughly clean surface
• Apply practically permanent CleanShield® Gel sealer to entire surface to prevent finger prints and keep item looking great!